Renaud Galand
October, 21. 1981
Irvine, California (USA)
Languages : French, English







October 2009 – present Blizzard Entertainment (Irvine, CA)
Lead Character Artist
Description : Lead Character Artist on Overwatch
My job on Overwatch consist of :
– Defining the entire character pipeline (initial prototyping, problem solving, documentation, etc.)
– Helping the art director and the other art leads define the art style for the characters in 3D.
– Interacting with the all the other departments (game designers, engineers, producers, etc.) on a very regular basis to ensure a smooth, efficient, optimized and “directed” production environment for the character creation process.
– Mentor and/or help newcomers/other character artists in the team.
– Creation of highpoly character models and their real-time equivalents.
– 3D sculpt concepts and prototype.

August 2008 – August 2009 Skymonkey Studio (Belgium)
Co-founder – Senior Character/Environment Artist
Description : Co-founder (with 6 other friends) of an art outsourcing collective specialized in next-gen video game assets.

March 2006 – July 2008 10Tacle Studio Belgium (Belgium)
Senior Character/Environment Artist (Freelance)
Description : I got hired as an in-house contract 3D artist to work on most of the next-gen characters and some environment statues produced for two games that – unfortunately -never saw the light of day.
Games Credits
– 10tacle’s Totems (Xbox360/PC) – Canceled
– 10tacle’s Urban Race (Xbox360/PC) – Canceled

August2004 – August 2009 LiquidDevelopment (Portland, OR)
Character/Environment Artist (Freelance)
Description :
I worked on many different projects with a wide range of styles and technical constraints, as a contract 3D character and environment artist.
Games Credits
– Microsoft’s Kinect Adventures! (XBOX360)
– Flagship Studio’s Mythos (PC) – Canceled
– Wild Tangent’s Fate (PC) (website)
– Blue Omega’s Damnation Next-Gen Title (PS3) (website)
– Inferno Games’s Counter Punch 2 (Nintendo DS) – Canceled
– Turbine’s Dungeon & Dragon Online : Stormreach (PC) (website)
– SoE’s EverQuest 2 (PC) (website)
– ArenaNet’s Guild Wars (PC) (website)
– Bethesda’s Elderscroll 4 : Oblivion (PC) (website)
– SoE’s EverQuest : Dragons of Norrath (PC) (website)
– Logitech’s Real Time Show 2005 (Las Vegas)
– Landing Party Software’s Armored titan (PC) – Canceled

August 2004 – January 2006 Fresh3D (Belgium)
Environment Artist/2D Promotional Artist (Freelance)
: I worked primarily as a contract 3D environment artist on WWA (level building – props, etc.) and then worked as a 2D promotional artist for serveral Ubisoft games (Cover art
– Target renders, etc.)
Games Credits
– UbiSoft’s Ghost Recon 3 (PC) (website)
2D Artist (promotion)
– UbiSoft’s Heroes of Might&Magic 5 (PC) (website)
2D Artist (promotion)
– UbiSoft’s Dark Messiah Might&Magic (PC) (website)
2D Artist (promotion)
– Fresh3D’s Wild Water Adrenaline (PS2) (website)

January 2005 – June 2005 Albert Jacquard College (Belgium)
Level design (UnrealED) Teacher (Freelance)
Description :
First job after graduating – I got offered a job as a “Level design/Building” teacher and gave a 6 months class about the basics of the Unreal Engine 2.


September 2001 – June 2004 Albert Jacquard College (Belgium)
Bachelor in Computer Graphics Techniques

3D/2D Concept Art
Highpoly and lowpoly modeling (organic and hard surface)
Next-gen and highpoly texturing | Skinning/Rig notions

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